We knew clearly what we wanted right from the beginning. We wanted our socks to say something about us, and we really cared about that message. Very soon we decided that we were not interested in buying tons of socks from a distant country at ridiculous prices, where human rights were violated every other day. We love our socks and we wanted them to be manufactured somewhere where people could work with full rights and where our taxes and benefits would help built something in which we believed. Because making socks is also a chance to change the world.

Among our search we bumped into our neighbor country. We found a little factory specialized in socks in the north of Portugal and we started working as a team. For months we tried different materials, sizes and qualities, until we found the sock we were looking for: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% Lycra make them soft, elastic and breathable. High quality cotton socks completely “ibéricos”.

Although they share denomination with the famous “jamón ibérico” our socks are also 100% European.


Sockaholic Socks


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